Mar 20, 2011

Camera Earing

Kepada gadis2 dan wanita2 photographer kt luar sane tu..bleh la beli earing ni utk korg sndiri atau sbg hadiah kt kwn2 ke..abg2 photographer bleh beli gak utk bagi kt awek atau bini atau kedua-dua skali..

18 Creative Spoon Design

Sudu pun bleh jd bahan kn?..mcm2..

Drumstick Spoon: This unique indispensable beech wood spoon flip over to become drumstick.

18 Creative and Cool Spoon Designs (18) 1Spoon Scales: This spoon has a built-in digital scale that can weigh amounts ranging from 0.1 to 300g, and is accurate to 1/10th of a gram and has a built in display. 

18 Creative and Cool Spoon Designs (18) 2Tutti - Measuring Spoon: This measuring spoon that has not one, not two, not three, but four.

Photo or Painting??

This is a painting by Dru Blair...this actual painting takes about 75 hours to complete..terus terang la..aku lukis stickman pun x lurus..LOL..

Not everything you see is true..

This is a shadow illusion..mcm ne a bunch of scrap bila disusun dlm posisi yg tertentu bleh mnghasilkn satu seni yg mind blowing??..

Rubik Cube Art!..

percaya atau tidak..aku x penah dpt solve rubik cube ni..yes i'm a idiot..(who cares?..) ade sekumpulan homo sapiens di luar sana jadi lebih kreatif ngan rubik cube ni...

Egg Shells Art!

Bila aku goreng telor,akan ku campak kulitnye jauh2 sbb aku anggap bnda tu x hakikatnya tidak!..

Solution - Kenapa FB sgt slow di Malaysia??

finally...cuba cara ni da saksikan sendiri perubahannya!..(mcm iklan dR Rozmey lak..)..this a temporary solution ye guys..bila cable kt jepun da ok nnti..sila la revert ke settings asal..trimas!!

If you are having slowness accessing facebook recently, this temporary solution might help you solve the speed problem.
Why is Facebook so slow lately in Malaysia?
This is because Japan Earthquake that took down the Pacific Cable and one of the hop servers at Hong Kong Internet Exchange Data Center and triggered the technical problem, the submarine telecommunications cable system has been affected by the disaster.
Somehow, a temporary solution suggested from a Blog ( that re-route your Facebook connection. They discovered a proxy server [] (Akamai) hosted locally in Malaysia. This solution FORCE your computer to use the IP address to access It’s work for many malaysia people and this solution is viral spread on Facebook.
We decided to test this temporary solution and come out an experiment for better understanding.
How does it work actually?

Rebbeca Black - Friday

Ape korang rasa bila dengar lagu ni??

aku sendiri x bleh describe ape yg aku rasa..

Mar 18, 2011

Top 30 Most Influential and Under 30 Young CEOs of 2010

1. Mark Zuckerberg

1. Mark Zuckerberg Top 30 Most Influential and Under 30 Young CEOs of 2010Company: Facebook
Age: 26
Net Worth: $6.9 Billion
Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in 2004 at Harvard and since then the social network has grown to over 500 million users. He is the world’s youngest billionaire with Facebook receiving a valuation of over $30 billion in 2010. Zuckerberg has literally changed the way people interact and has broken down social walls faster than ever imagined. Time Magazine named Zuckerberg Person of the Year for 2010 and his company Facebook shows no signs of slowing down.

2. Andrew Mason

2. Andrew Mason Top 30 Most Influential and Under 30 Young CEOs of 2010Company: Groupon
Age: 30
Net Worth: Groupon Valuation $4.75 Billion
Groupon began in 2008 and has since exploded in growth letting it become the fastest company to ever reach the billion dollar valuation mark. The company is reportedly expecting revenue to be as high as $2 billion in the coming year.  Google made a reported $6 billion dollar buy out offer that was turned down. Andrew has no doubt changed the way people buy things and the way companies market themselves with hundreds of knock-off companies popping up all over the web.

3. Matt Mullenweg

3. Matt Mullenweg Top 30 Most Influential and Under 30 Young CEOs of 2010Company: WordPress
Age: 26
Net Worth: $40 Million
If you use WordPress to blog you have Matt to thank for that opportunity. Mullenweg started WordPress in 2003 and then started working on it full-time in 2005. The platform has become one of the most widely used blogging platforms in the world. Matt has made it easier for all of us to publish our thoughts online and his easy to use platform has been the power behind many startup companies in recent years.

4. Ryan Allis & Aaron Houghton

4. Ryan Allis Aaron Houghton Top 30 Most Influential and Under 30 Young CEOs of 2010Company: iContact
Age: 26 & 29
Net Worth: 2010 revenue $40 million
Ryan and Aaron started iContact in 2003 to help small businesses better manage their email marketing campaigns. The company started by solely marketing through Google AdWords and has grown to over 63,000 customers today. In August 2010 iContact closed a new round of funding at $40 million.

5. Gurbaksh Chahal

5. Gurbaksh Chahal Top 30 Most Influential and Under 30 Young CEOs of 2010Company: Gwallet
Age: 28
Net Worth: $100 million+
Gurbaksh founded Gwallet in 2009 as a social media currency platform that went on to raise over $12 million later that year. Prior to Gwallet Gurbaksh had already sold two previous ad networks, one for $40 million and the other for $300 million. Today, he is still heading up Gwallet which re-branded to RadiumOne while launching an ad network for social content.

Mar 16, 2011

Caffeine Poster

Just as a guide for everybody..

X-Men Family Tree

Still igt folio kajian tempatan yg kita semua kena buat time skola rendah dulu?..

Facebook vs Twitter

Bnda ni berdasarkan situasi tahun we can see clearly how dominant facebook is..

Mar 15, 2011

Media Diet??

Bukan makan je kena jaga...bnda2 cm FB,Twitter dll gak kena jaga beb!

bottom to top or top to bottom? is about ambigram..tak tau apa itu ambigram?..ambigram are words that can be read from more than one direction..get it? dalam kes ni upside down..kalo korang pnh tgk cerita "Angels and Demons" mesti korang tau..

God's Power are FORMIDABLE

last few weeks i saw this amazing bird on discovery's called LyreBird(pronounce as liarbird)..this very unique bird can copy up to 20 different sounds and imitates it!..Subhanallah!..

B-Membrane - Concept

ini adalah satu 'concept computer' hasil drpd kegilaan designer  Won-Seok Lee from Korea..benda alah ni di beri nama of features yg ade pd B-membrane di adalah apabila bnda x digunakan,projector tu bleh di gunakan utk projects 'ambient lights effect' on any surface.. frankly..i do hope this thing really exist bcoz its super cool!!!

Mar 14, 2011


ini adalah blog ketiga aku selepas 2 blog pertama sudah luput dan lupus dr ingatan...harap2 la blog ni kekal..


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